When do you introduce your kids to the person you are dating?

This is a silly question since I already have my standards. Something is coming up and I am trying to figure out what to do. The guy I'm seeing is very interested in meeting the rest of my family (kids) and there is a huge party coming up. I would like him to be there as my friend so we could all have a good time. Wanted other peoples opinions about this


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  • For me, my sig. other is introduced as just a friend until the relationship has lasted a year. If it makes it a year then it is serious enough to reveal to my daughter (6). Until then they can meet my daughter as a friend only. This way I can protect her from the bullsht of the dating world as much as I can. Unfortunately my ex introduced her sig other right away as a boyfriend. Hopefully things continue to go smoothly for them so my daughter who has already become attached to the x's boyfriend, doesn't get hurt by a breakup in the rocky stage of their relationship.

    • Yeah that's the route I want to take. I don't know if he will go for it tho. He wants more and I just am still not sure, but would love to have him there. Thanks for the advice

    • My opion would be:
      He can party with you guys as friends. That's fine and healthy for your kids to see and experience.
      But that's it.
      Your children's care trumps his desire to be more so soon.
      I would tell him this is just the way it is for now. Like it or lump it - a stable upbringing for kids is more important than his wishes. That's just life and part of being a parent and adult. He should have no problem being a good family friend for the next year (really not such a long time), and then as things go well - a transition to significant other.
      And he should respect and understand your wishes.
      That's my opinion.
      It's tuff navigating this whole parent/dating/life crap eh? :)

    • Oh yeah completely agree. It's been an interesting educational emotional roller coaster ride lately

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  • Only show your kids this guy when he's no longer a "new guy" and you know you'll be with him for good. Don't think of it in terms of your progress with the guy. Think of it in terms of your consideration for your own children. You can potentially confuse the hell out of your children doing this too soon and it not working out.

  • As soon as a decision has been reached that there is potential to be more with him. You should avoid developing strong feelings for a guy prior to experiencing first hand how well he will interact and get along with your kids. Introduce him to your kids as your friend for some time, and observe.

  • When you know that things are headed in a serious direction for both of you.

    • I got that part. He wants serious and I'm not sold on that yet. This is an interesting situation with the party and me wanting everyone together before n after the event.

    • Until YOU are serious, it's probably best to avoid that.

    • Thanks

  • if your not sure about getting serious then id say its a bad idea... things like that can have a big impact on childrens lives... having guys coming and going throughout their childhood isn't a good thing


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  • There is no time limit for me, but u HAVE to be ABSOLUTELY positive it is leading somewhere, and my children are mostly older