Is it adult-like to get a drink, lunch or dinner for a first date?

All I want to do is meet up with this guy for a second date. Planning the first one was hard enough. He wants to do an "activity" so no lunch, no dinner, no getting drinks, no meeting for happy hour. He wants to play frisbee in the park, have me join his dance class or have me join his kickball team. I just find it so annoying that he isn't into anything that I suggest. Plus, I feel like those are all tough things for us to actually talk during. Every time I suggest something like… hey why don't we grab lunch on Saturday he's like why can't you reserve from 1-4 and I can plan something more fun?

I just think meeting for a drink someplace nice where we can chat sounds so much better than playing kickball which a bunch of random people or going to his dance class so he can "teach me how to dance?"

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  • Well, he might think exactly in the same way about you. "Ugh, can she only dine, sit and talk?". You think you need to talk to him to get to know him, he thinks he needs to experience things with you. Different ways to understand each other. Both of you are right.

    Why don't you want to compromise and visit his dance class and then tell him to go for a drink? I guess your first date was already grabbing a drink or something like that? Then you shouldn't push him again to do something you'd like and he wouldn't.. Be more open minded, dance classes are VERY fun.

    • "I just find it so annoying that he isn't into anything that I suggest."
      You rejected every single of his ideas too. Smells like hypocrisy. No offence.

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    • Yeah, just be aware that it's hard to do things together when you have different understanding of fun&things you like to do. One will always be more dominant and the other one would have less fun.

    • Exactly! That is no fun!

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  • He must of really enjoy outdoor activities and might consider dining boring. It's not adult like to get drink or lunch, etc i think it's just very common think to do.

    • I guess so! Doesn't it seem odd to play frisbee with someone on a first date?

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    • Seems like he's just immature, only want do things that he enjoys. But who am I to tell you what to do, just do the right thing for yourself. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think it's just not going to work. I think he's just going to drive me insane eventually. I think he has a nice personality, but he's so pushy.

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