I need help in determining what he means with this text?

Does this sound like done for good or else?
Background: Guy im dating for past 1 month in his early 30s.
I had a little tiff last time I saw him and something happened that he misunderstood.

Him: FYI, I do like you. I found unlikely things will work out long term. I wish something could change that but that is not forseen as coming.

  • Girl, he done. Move on already! lol
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  • Hmm, Im not sure actually.. Read my response!
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  • I think he is trying to tell you that he wants more out of you to see if it will work. I have texted someone something similar before. Whatever happened made him think you weren't interested, and it sounds like his way of backing out without getting hurt. "well I wish things were different but they're not, so it probably won't work" to me says he wants you to say that how he sees it isn't the way it actually is. If that makes any sense.

    • Oh good lord.. thank you for this post; because, the way he wrote this is very confusing lol.
      Why would you not say it exactly the way you feel though? I suspect he was afraid i was going to dump him and therefore didn't want to reply to my phone call and send me this txt.

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    • Well, I just think that he was way into me and was trying for more. I was the one was putting the breaks on getting intimate as I didn't want to rush it. I actually liked him and was looking for long term commitment. Then we had the misunderstanding so I think he felt I was too much work or smth. So, he backed out. Though i knew he had work commitments I didn't think he would totally make a 180 degree turn.
      We were out on 7-8 dates. I cancelled one of the dates and I think thats why he may have thought that I was not at the same place as him.

    • That could be it. He might have wanted a hookup and nothing more. I think it's a little strange that he all of a sudden decided he wasn't interested. If that's all he was looking for then I guess it's good you find out now.

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  • He has made decision however it's not a final one. You can explain to him what happened and maybe he'll understand.

    • interesting... what makes you think that?

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    • I feel that the reason why he didn't call me back was because he thought I'd dump him on that phone call. So, instead of talking it out with me he just send me this to self-preserve I think.

    • Interesting, I haven't thought of that, but it sure made a good point. If that's the case then you have the advantage, you know he really likes you, whether you want to continue it or not is depending on you.

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  • He's done but you can always ask him for clarification if you're still unsure. It's worth a shot.

    • While I agree with you, i find the word choice interesting.
      Thanks for the reply.