What do you look for physically and mentally in a girl?

I am curious as to know what guys AND girls (if your gay) look for in a girl.


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  • 5,7+ blue eyes, not a feminist, has values. Doesn't go round having sex with every guy that she meets.


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  • This would be my kind of woman:

    I like confident and independent women who are not full of themselves. They don't necessarily need a man in their lives, but want one because they're not ultra feminists who believe that men are meaningless, unnecessary, or just obsessed with sports. Basically a girl with good perspective on life.

    I don't have any perfect body type that I prefer. As long as she's not very short or very tall, and everything's proportional. Her height and weight create a normal BMI score and her breasts fit her body. Having a beautiful face is most important. That being smooth skin, deep eyes, great smile, good teeth, beautiful hair, etc.

    I usually am more attracted to white girls. Someone who has good financial sense and knows how to keep what they earn. I don't care what their profession is. If you're mature and carry yourself with confidence and poise, I don't care your education level. Don't care what your sexual history is. Could have been with 100+ men or a virgin, as long as you're loyal to me. Hopefully someone within my age range. 21 +/- 4 years; that's not a hard rule though.

    • Funny how you began with "I don't have any perfect body type..." but then went into specifics on what you would prefer... even down to BMI score, but thank you for your opinion.

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