Is there a point in hooking up and hanging out if he's leaving?

He told me he likes me and has always liked me, before he moved away. he also said his plan was to marry me. its been a year now. we talked here and there sometimes. he also asks me jokingly do u love me or love me a few times. he came home to visit now, both times I've been with him, he was super flirty and kept playfully hitting my butt and stomach. and he asked when we would hang out just him and I. We both have feelings for eachother but is it worth it getting into hooking up again and going on dates because he is here only for a week. i feel if i do i will get more intense feelings and it will male it harder for me when he leaves. I wish we could be together but we both cannot do long distance. is there a point to hanging out and hooking up? will it make me have more intense feelings if we do hook up? are guys like that too or can he just hook up with me eventhough he has feelings for me and not get any more attached?

he comes back to visit in 4 months and will be back for good in a year


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  • In my opinion, there is NEVER a point in hooking up and hanging out especially if you genuinely have feelings for the person. Hooking up and hanging out seems to be a safe zone for people who are not bold enough and too scared to risk getting hurt. Either that or it's like some kind of trap that females use to get a guy to like them because it's like they lack the confidence in their ability to win his affection without using their vajayjay *not saying that applies to your situation*

    Anyhow, here's what I think... if what you guys have is really that powerful and magnetic, then you'll fight for it. Not doing long distance is a CHIOCE; it is something you are choosing against, not something that you literately cannot do. If you're not willing to fight for it, then it's just not that meaningful to either of you and if that's the case, it's a waste of your time to be spending a significant amount of your precious energy on each other in the first place.