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There's this guy who I have known for a long time, and I have been crushing on him on and off since I was like 14. We are now both 20 years old and we finally ATTEMPTED to go on a few dates. The dates would go great, and he would be a really good gentleman. But then a few days later he would just start acting like a jerk again. We would have nothing to do with each other for like a week or two...Then he would randomly ask me out again! I am TIRED of the games! I just either want to date him or have nothing to do with him. What is he trying to prove? And how should I handle this situation? Some guy advice would be GREAT! Because my friends that are girls think I should have nothing to do with him.


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  • I think your friends are right. You don't deserve a guy that's playing games like that. It doesn't sound like he's that mature, if you want a real relationship with someone up front, leave this guy.


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  • What does being a Jerk mean exactly?

    But if he doesn't make you happy you should not really waste time on him.



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