Guys/girls, how should I take his statement? I love him more than he loves me?

So yesterday my fiance and I were laying in bed and he opened up with me. He said I shouldn't take it wrong cause he loves me so much but he feels its good to know that there's someone who loves him even more. He said he feels like i'd even eat his poop (wth) lol
He also said that he couldnt even leave me if he'd want to cause I love him so much. Overall he was like 'thank you for being there and always taking care'

I didn't wanted to jump into conclusions cause I apprechiate when we have a deep talk.

But how should I take this?


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  • Awww it is sweet. The delivery was a little off, but give the guy a break. He is a man! He is saying he loves how you love and support him.