Why can't guys pick when we tell them to pick?

Guys can you help me here I ask a guy where dose he want to go, then he replies where do you want to go. It's like if I wanted to pick to go somewhere I wouldn't have asked you, why do you guys do that?


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  • Conversation from tonight with my girlfriend.

    Me: Where do you want to eat? I honestly do not care where.

    Her: I don't care either. You pick.

    Me: Buffalo Wild Wings it is! :)))

    Her: Hmm, nah, that doesn't sound good right now.

    This. This has been happening for 5 years.

    • Ahh well we are very complicated and she probably want to eat somewhere romantic with you

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    • I decided I'd let it slide just this once because I go there once a week.

      Just this once though...

    • Wow that's so nice

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  • Here's the thing; a guy is afraid that if he picks the place the girl will say "That doesn't sound like fun". Then she'll ditch the idea of going on a date with him.
    So the guy usually asks the girl to pick the place so that she doesn't hate the date and would want to see him again.

  • My girlfriend never picks it always me. I ask her in my gentlemanly fashion; Me: "honey, where would you like to go today" her "wherever you want to go I'm un-fussed as long as I'm with you"

    • That doesn't answer my question

    • Well on the rare occasion she asks me to pick, I just pick so your generalisation of male behavior can't be confirmed by me.

      However I can see that through a double standard where the woman is the one who should be pampered there is a perception by the male that the female should decide on the way in which she would like to be.
      Therefore some men could be scared to decide anything the woman may not enjoy.
      Another reason the male might insist on the female deciding on their days activities is to discover more about what she enjoys for future reference.

  • Because the answer I have in my head I know she won't like and thus am embarrassed to say it

  • Men forget that they're the ones who are picking the date... that they need to have a couple of options.


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  • Some guys are just indecisive or they freeze up when they're put on the spot like that, lol. Example:

    Him: I think we should go out for dinner.

    Me: Cool, you pick.

    Him: I don't know. I don't have any ideas, do you?

    Me: Nope, it's up to you this time.

    Him: Ummm, uhhhhhhh uhhhhmmmm, etc etc.

    Variations of that conversation have been happening for 3 years, haha. It drives me insane.

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