What is the hot and cold game?

Ever meet a guy and he is so into you? Texts all the time and says everything you want to hear. You hang out, no sex, and he keeps up the game... saying how much he likes you etc.
Then, out of nowhere, he falls off. Only texting sporadically? What are guys thinking when they do this?


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  • its not a game, we do that because the girl doesn't do anything and the girl doesn't show or tell the guy her affections too, so guys get tired of doing all the work, complimenting, giving attention etc and we guys get nothing back from the girl so we get bored, turned off, and move on, guys dont want girls who only think everything's the guys job, because its not, guys want girlfriends who initiate things she desires, only if it has to do with both love and sex, not for money or personal gain of course which is what girls think guys are for sometimes.

    • This anonymous guy hit the nail on the head.

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    • How do you participate enough without looking and feeling needy? During the hot phase, most of the time, we don't have the chance to participate more because we are responding so much. I say things like "if you had three wishes what would they be" etc. but what else can we do?

    • girls gotta get off of that "i dont want to look needy, desperate, clingy, and slutty" junk excuse and act innocent all the time, cause guys dont like the innocent act and guys dont think that way about girls, its how we know a girl shows their affections and desires, when she's needy, desperate, clingy, and slutty (but not really a slut) it shows her affections and guys love it, the guys who dont are players who just want to screw and leave

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  • Alas, people can be fickle. I'm the first to admit it isn't fair. Personally I've never done this, though in my youth some women did it to me. Something might have happened that perhaps when he got to know you, he wasn't as attracted to you (and I'm sorry if that's the case) as he was initially. On the other hand, some people are just dicks. Some are just childish and don't really know how to handle certain situations, so they just kind of sputter out of people's lives.

    Whatever his reason (or perhaps I should say "reason"), it's probably time to stop returning his sporadic texts and go looking for Sir Awesome.

  • Lol thats not a game, its merely brashness through text and then insecurity in real life.

  • It usually means they are busy pursuing other women.


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