What do men look for in a girlfriend?

When a man and woman meet and they go out a few times and talk on the phone a few times, how can you tell if he is interested in you, or would just like to stay friends?


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  • Here's a crude check list of what I look for in a potential girlfriend...
    1. Is she attractive to me? (style/hygiene/fitness/features)
    2. Is her personality compatible with mine? (think MBPT)
    3. Do we communicate clearly towards one another? (understanding of context/humor/intentions)
    4. Do her aspirations suit the lifestyle I want to live? (career woman vs housewife)
    5. Does she strongly believe in a religion?
    6. Does she care about me the same way I care about her? (partnership vs chase)
    7. Do we share similar values in life (balance between materialistic and spiritual)
    8. Does she respect my choices?
    9. Does she enjoy my presence?
    10. Would I spend my Friday night with her? (lol)

    • Just to clarify, for #5, checking "yes" isn't a positive.

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  • I personally dig chicks whom are interesting, smart enough to have a good conversation with but most importantly, exclusive! If a girl has other guys on the side or has chosen to go to a male gynecologist and thinks it fine and normal want to to be touched and penetrated by other men - she's nothing more than friends with benefits material.

  • Every man is different. I like a well rounded, intelligent, pretty, and sweet girl who also has class.

  • The tradition is for him to make a move on you so I've been told.

  • 1. She lifts
    2. She cooks

  • How i let a girl know i like her is by dropping subttle hints i might say how cute she is or tell her she is really nice after doing this for a little while either she asks me out or i build up enouf confedence to ask her

  • big tits, a small waist and a big ass.

  • I do have to apologize, but you left this one wide open. My penis.

    More on point however, "I play for keeps". So what I look for in a girlfriend is signs that I could be with her for the rest of my life.

    -Good with kids
    -Can think ahead
    -Like her as a person
    -Equal amounts of friendship, attraction, and love
    -Good sense of humor
    -Similar interests
    -Similar lifestyle
    -Similar body type (not just for sexual compatibility/attraction, plays into ^)
    -Wants or is willing to spend time with my family and not just me, same goes for the other way around.
    -Someone I can trust
    -High sex drive (hey, a mustang and a station wagon aren't gonna be in a race for long)


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