Find it hard to tell if he still wants to talk to me?

So me and this boy been talking pretty much non stop. Sending a lot of kisses and he asked me out on a date for Friday. However when we are talking I know boys get straight to the point but he answer stuff but rarely strike another question or something back. He maintains the kisses however I get to the point where I'm like well what do I reply. So I've not reply a number of times. However a hour or so after he send more kisses or a face :/ he also sent me a picture of his body after the gym does this mean he likes me or just being polite I know the picture a bit different but I thought he might be looking for sex so i told him he won't get one back in a joking way and he seems fine and still carried on talking. Does he just want sex or is he interested?


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  • he probably wants sex, but thats pretty much all guys.

    i don't know if sex is all he wants, but he is interested in you.

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