Not sure on what to do about this girl I am dating?

I am dating this girl that is younger than me and not an experience one if you know what I am saying. But the problem is that she has told me a few times that she is falling hard for me. I am not sure on how to take it and all cause come to find out and all I would be her first everything, that is not the case for me. There is about a 6 year age gap between us. I am just not sure how to act sometimes with her, I don't want her to feel used and all that , the thing is I do care for care and like her and repesct her.

Any advice would be helpful in this situation


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  • How long have you been together? Her age/your age?

    • She is 20 me 26 alittle over month or so

    • A month isn't long enough. Try other things before sex. You should wait for awhile. This is a big deal. And if you care about her, being older, you will need to respect a lot of her firsts.

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