Always talking about dem exs?

This dude I'm talking to always brings up different ex for some reason.. he always compares things i do to them and its not always the same ex... does he still like his ex or is he just putting up a front like he has a lot of exs?


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  • I don't know why people feel the need to talk about that shit, no one cares and it's a turn off. Smack him with a seabass or something.


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  • I'd say a front. People don't put those up for no reason.


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  • What I'm gonna say might sound slightly harsh, but we gotta have our standards. If he's comparing what you do to what they did that means basically that they are still on his mind, that he's living in the past. But forget about him, that's not something you should put up from a boyfriend, being compared to, you should be treated as the only girl in the world. That won't help you grow as a person, so why should you be with someone who doesn't help you be the best version of yourself or might have feelings for someone in his past? Furthermore, if let's say, he's showing off for having many exes, then his values aren't so right or simply put, he's a douche. Either way, he doesn't care about your feelings to begin with when he's mentioning them and he should, you're the one by his side now.
    Take care of your soul and what it needs.

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