I really like this girl?

We are great friends and had been in the same class for three years already. And next year too. I liked her for the past two years and still counting. I play fights with her everyday and I really like it as we had a lot a lot of physical contact. there's once i was holding a bottle and she wants it, but i didn't let her and she started to get close to me and tried to snatch it, but we were there play fighting, and smiling at each other the whole time. I cornered her to a wall, and when i cornered her, her back hits the wall. And she says "it hurts" in an intimidating way which got me really turned on. Im suspecting she likes another senior though, so what can you all tell about this situation? And she locked arms with me before, but she does it to others too.


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  • When you cornered her, you should have gone in for the kiss. Make your move or another guy will step up to the plate!

    • Aw man, now to think of it, i should have, but there was cctvs all around the school though..

    • Does not matter, if she loved it and likes you, who cares. You're a man, be brave, be bold, be confident.

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