How do I know when I am ready for a relationship?

Like, I'm just 15 and when I was in a relationship last year I was really fridget and I realised I wasn't ready. I broke up with that guy and now a year later and I have met someone else. I think its jut my hormones but some days I feel like 'omg lets make out know' and other days i'm like 'holy shit this is happening too fast.' Like I've never kissed anyone or anything like that. Everything is just confusing me. I just don't want to get into a relationship and then ruin it like last time. Its really hard when people around us keep making comments on it. I like them but I don't feel ready or have anxieties but sometimes I do feel ready. And also I know I'm not like asexual or what ever its called because I have pleasured myself before and because I do feel attracted to people. Although I do feel like I need to know the persons personality before I really start to like them and I feel that with this person.

Advice please?


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  • Hey am 14 first there's I can't tell you oils be ready. But I think you take things at your own pace. And if you guys really both like each other and are both willing to take your relationship to the next level then why not YOLO. And if it doesn't work out then it means there's someone better out there for.
    For example my own personal experience I've had five boyfriends and the next boyfriend was always better than the previous one so live life at the age I know it hurts when you break up but it won't kill you but if you have no oxygen that's gonna kill you. Anyway sorry if sounded a bit too deep lol.

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