What are ways to attract intelligent guys on online dating? First time trying online dating plus in a foreign country too?

https:// www. okcupid. com /profile/kel_94/photos? cf=profile

(Fix the Space between https:// and OkCupid. com)
So first of all I'm new to the city I put on my page , quite shy to speak and meet new people. Made this page recently , what type of things should I include in my page to attract more intelligent men :)
Thanks !
Also is OkCupid a normal dating site or is it like tinder for like hookups to root and boot :/ ?


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  • OKCupid is a dating site. Actually the fact you are a female, I'm surprised you've not had an inbox flooded already.

    Your profile is a little sparse. You look stilted and stiff in your pictures. You don't mention anything about doing stuff you enjoy, even if you just want conversation, you should put something like "looking for intelligent men to stimulate my mind"... Anything that mentions what you are looking for. You just don't look like you're fun - based solely on your profile and pictures. I don't know you.

    On a side note, I like 'root and boot'. Sounds a tad classier than 'pump and dump'.

    • Haha yes I did get flooded but just guys want to just hook-up sadly.

      Ohh I see thank you ! I also added a little more I'm really bad in describing myself :P
      I have changed my pic also to one I'm smiling more :)

      I have never heard of pump and dump lol
      But it does sound funny xD xD

    • WOW, you are stunning when you smile.

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  • You are really pretty. I mean like wow.
    You have a stunning smile.
    Now how to attract intelligent men? I add more to your profile. but you are still going to get a lot of people on there who are going to put tl;dr on their messages. My profile is a work of art, well in my mind anyway. I am pretty direct about what I want. and what I am looking for. But I got a lot of crazies among other things.

    OKC is free, so in some cases you are getting what you paid for. At the same point its better than POF, and Match and Eharmony are expensive. Plus they tend to be pretty broad in their matches.

    Other than saying you are in med school, give some things that you do and dont want in life, and out of a partner.

    Plus there is going to be a huge weeding out process. Because well some people on that site are not all there.

  • Can you explain a little more clearly what you mean by 'intelligent men'?

    You're very cute, your interests are actually generally appealing to any male. I'm not sure there's any magic way to NOT get spammed by men looking to hook up with your looks, you just gotta delete and keep looking.

    Your general tone is short, fun comments, lots of emoticons. If your'e the sort of person who is looking for a lot more deep intellectual conversations, I'd show off your brains a little more. Up the tone, up the complexity and detail, show some humor yourself. The more personal it is, the more people who like the same things you do will be excited about it.

    My overall impression is that you'd be most encouraging guys who are good looking and like to dance to contact you, and there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you want.

  • Just tell them they need to be intelligent. You could even set a minimum IQ level. You can ask for anything you want.


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  • Many spaces I got confused also space near / of com.
    https://www.okcupid.com/profile/kel_94/photos? cf=profile

    You can find an actual relationship from okcupid it can be used as a hookup site but also to look for relationship

    Your page just seems empty :P
    Add more about you but don't lie about yourself ! Let them like you for you !

    You look exotic ! So I'm guessing your getting hit up by many men ! But be careful as its a new city the guys might take advantage of your lostness :P (don't even know if thats a word :P)

    Talk about hobbies and do the quiz on the site to find more higher percent matches

    • Thanks I couldn't add link as I'm level 1.
      I have added more on it !
      Can you let me know what you think?
      And yes safety is my top priority if I get a date from there I'd meet in a very public place haha xD

  • Am not sure i can help since I've never heard of okay Cupid I usually go on chartous. But for your profile why don't you write your good points and make yourself seem really smart. And just be your self if he doesn't like your personality then he ain't worth it even if his smart. Well good luck finding your lover. Sorry if I didn't help. :)

    • Lol maybe its an older people site but thanks anyway :)