Is race an issue with guys when it comes to dating?

The title says it. The guy in question is chinese but looks caucasian. As for me, I'm chinese/indian mixture (I speak chinese though). different people have different interpretations of me. some say I look portuguese, some chinese, some say indonesian, some say caucasian.

For the past few college events, just to keep it short,he's always been looking at me, walking around my vicinity, he doesn't touch me but he stands close. and there's this one incident when I had to go help carry stuff, he was quietly sitting behind when he suddenly rushed forward to open the door and help me get the things instead. etc.

i added him on Facebook. but I have a slightly indian name. people who don't know me personally would get really confused, if you get what I mean. Assuming he does still like me, would this be a turn off? =/


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  • Well I don't think race should ever be a factor in a relationship but some people have a problem looking past it.

    Its usually not anything with them though, its normally something to do with their family, like my family I am white however I would date anyone of any race, my Father would not care but my grandparents would probably disown me if I showed up with say a African American at my side, It would not stop me from dating her I just know they would not approve but I don't give a damn what they would think. However some people really rely on their family for things and if their family does not approve of a relationship sometimes people won't go for it even if they really like the person.

    Its a sad world sometimes but its up to us and future generations to bridge the gap and show that love truly has no bounds.


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  • Some people will care about race and some won't.

    One should look past race and keeo moving forward.

    I don't think he will really care,even doe I don't know him.

    Just don't think about it too much.

  • I am the last person that would be racest but when it comes to dateing I'm afrade I'll let something slip and hurt there feelings. I'm a white male and if a cute chick of another race asked me out I would say yes but I would probly never ask her out... would just seem a bit odd from my point of view.


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