Why can't I seem to get past a few dates?

I seem to be having the same problem for the past year, I have no problem attracting guys, not to sound over confident but I get told i'm attractive and have a great body. I'm really athletic and I love adventure. It seems that around the 3 to 5th date things start to fade. It's always the same story. On the first few dates I get compliments on my personality too, that im goofy, smart ect. The only thing I can think of is i've got some confidence issues and I can be quite shy at times. I'm honestly just losing hope in dating lately. Can anyone think of any reasons why this is happening.

To answer everyone's question yes I am putting out. I've tried both waiting and having sex by the third date. It seems that after that the texting decreases. I dot ask them to hang out until the 4th date.


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  • maybe its because you're not sending off the vibes and the guy may think you're just losing interest in him so he bails first.

    • How can I send more vibes that I'm interested. I text him and ask him how his day is going. I also don't want to seem clingy.

    • you gotta flirt. if you're texting him then start sending those smily winky faces. and there's a fine line between casual and clingy but every so often its okay to go over the line a little to the clingy side to throw off some hints. okay when I say clingy I mean like, showing romantic interest. not looking desperate. I only used the word clingy because you did hahaa :D

    • ooh noice!:D TyvM!:)

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  • A lot of guys are only interested in sex and if you aren't putting out by the second date, they'll shift their focus onto some other woman. Not all of us are like that though, so keep doing what you're doing. Weed out those perverts and sex maniacs, they are no good.

  • Do you put out? What are you doing physically (or not doing physically) by the 5th date?


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