Why would he say this when he could control it?

My bf and I were talking last night and we have talked about all of this before. But things tht piss me off is him lying about the littlest/dumbest thing and then how it bugs me how he gets turned on by girls so easy. Including his sister in law which is weird. Well I told him that if they don't change this time since they really haven't from last time we had this talk I was gonna leave. And he's like ok I don't try to. And I'm like try to what and he's like the things that piss you off. And I wanted to hear him say the him getting turned on by girls cuz he never will say it. And he's like you already know what. So what exactly does he mean when he says he doesn't try to.. Which yes I know he probably doesn't mean for it to happen but if he wanted to he could control it right?


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  • human nature is at play here, him being turned on by other girls is an unfortunate circomstance of him being a guy, what he needs to do is learn a some resepct for you how ever as thats nto some thing he should be bringing up with you. he also needs to learn restraint by the sounds of it.

    your right he has the ability to restrain his thoughts and controll his desires and he should be excersising that right as well as knowing better than to be wwaving it in front of you like that.

    Advice would be, if things start happening like this again, i think its honestly time you let him go and find a guy that will respect the fact thast he is with you.

    • Well its not a full on boner but I can tell by the way he acts he is trying to get rid of it.

    • again though that part is completely natural and just apart of human nature, for that a lone you can't not hold it against him, its just when he brings it up or mentions is in front of you in referance to others.

  • There's no consequence for him not "controlling it".


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