Would dating ever work in this situation? Would it be considered awkward or a big no by the guy?

(All made up names here but need to use them in order to distinguish the situation)

Say Bob and Mary are in a very serious 6 year relationship, are getting married and have a child together.

Bob has a sister named Ashley.
Mary has a brother named Eric.

What exactly are Ashley and Eric considered? They will eventually be related by marriage. Would Eric ever consider dating Ashley?

This is in the United States.

Just curious :-) My friends are in this situation and I wondered if Eric would ever go for Ashley.


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  • Ok well just so happens that happened to me. My now x wife was my brothers wife sister. They are considered in laws. It sounds funny to say out loud but. In reality no one ever even mentioned it.

    So its ok if u all got married to your partner. Only thing I would say. When it comes to relationship issues and talking to the other couple, be mindful of who they are and play peacemaker dont takes sides.

    Personal note id do that up front.


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  • Technically they can date and I don't think too many people would have a problem with it. It sounds weird but they aren't blood related its just by marriage.

    • I mean would it be awkward to them?

    • I don't think so. Usually when sibling is dating someone the other sibling (or most of the time a friend) jokinly or not sometimes they would say "wow he/she is nice do they have a brother/sister?

      It will be more awkward if they get married and have children and having to explain all this haha.

  • My aunt and uncle did this. My mothers brother married my dad's sister.

    For the record my parents married first its my aunt and uncle who are freaks :p

  • There's not anything technically wrong with this. I know of two cousins who marred two girls that were sisters, and they each had kids. So now they have aunts that are also their cousins. Sounds kind of weird, but it's not incest.


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