Younger guy playing hard to get or just has lost interest? ( screenshots inside )?

We hung out 3 times. I'm almost 4 years older ( he's 19 & I'm 22 ). Mind you he said he wants an older woman for maturity purpose. I let him know I just got out of a long term ( 4 year ) relationship and still very hurt so very cautious in who I make my boyfriend. But he's been sending me mixed signals. He was recently out of state for a few weeks in which we kept in close contact texting and developed a solid friendship. When he came home we hung out a few times. Both times we were super into each other, laughing and joking with each other and sharing some of our stories. Our physical chemistry is really good, he has expressed I give the best hugs and I'm a really good cuddle buddy ( lol ). We haven't gotten past kissing because I really like him and want to take my time.

But for the past few days he's been kind of stand-offish. Idk?




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  • its a hard one! not really sure what to make of it, id say he dose like you im basing that on the fact when you said you were avoiding guys he wanted to make sure they were just friends... he wouldn't of got jelous if he didn't like you.. though he dosent seem to serious about likeing you

  • you don't have much of a difference. if you were 32 and he was 19 then it'd be a reasonable difference. now you're almost the same


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