Is it possible to find someone if you're an ugly woman with no experience?

I'm not picky about dating at all. I've never ever gone out of my league. Someone's advice to me once was to just lower my standards, but I don't exactly have standards. If a guy is interested me I don't turn them down. Even if I don't really like the guy, I'll date him anyway. I always ignore hot guys too. I don't even talk to them even if they talk to me. However, it's rare if a guy approaches me. So I will approach them, but they turn me down. I did online dating with a professionally made profile (a friend of mine charges people for her to make their online profiles look good) and used different pictures. I didn't really get messages. I accepted all dates I got though.

I always ask follow up questions if a guy isn't interested past the first date. I can change my personality if they don't like it. The guys always say I am not pretty enough. There was only one guy who didn't like my personality, or at least admitted to it anyway. The rest say it's my looks.

I am thin, I work out, I do my eyebrows, I dress well but my face is ugly. It's extremely masculine and no matter how hard I try to make it feminine it doesn't work. I unfortunately look like my dad.

I'm just wondering if I should just give up on dating. I am going to be 28 in a few weeks and I am still a virgin, and the longest relationship I had was in High School. I had no problems with dates in High School, but in my 20's it's been hard. Am I just doomed because I am an ugly woman?

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  • Not everyone is blessed with an attractive face or, and an amazing body. That being said, you can, perhaps, increase your sex appeal, body wise, that is, by exercising and eating right.

    • I have a good body. I exercise everyday and I eat right. It's my face people don't like. I've been called butterface since I was about 16.

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  • You're not doomed you just need to lower your standards.

    • Did you even read the question?

  • Of course your not doomed.
    Style your hair, wear some make-up, smell nice, trim down your weight, try walking everyday and have confidence.
    You need to put yourself out there to get any success.

    BTW, men are desperate, they'd take anything, so your not doomed.

    • I do all that, I even said I am thin in my question that I am thin. I am a hiker, I go almost everyday. I do style my hair and I wear makeup. I said in my question that I approach men.

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  • It is just one of those things that can take time. My cousin didn't find anyone until he was thirty five. Everyone just has a different point in their life where they find someone. It is never to late.

  • When you talk to guys on your online dating site, just talk for longer before you meet. Make them really really really like you so badly before they meet you, your looks will matter less.
    My friends sister looks quite masculine to, and this is what she does now. She just talks on the phone, texts etc then when they have a connection, she meets.