Why would a guy ask a girl to wait?

So this. man I have been dating for 2months and constantly express his love to me. Told me to give him 2 weeks to sort some things out on his end so we can move on further in the relationship. I had my insecurities due to my past. So ofcourse I am thinking that he was just using me. He said things like growing old together etc. And another child but I am still curios. I am thinking that maybe he was just using me and now he is feeling bad, and dont know how to end it. What do u think. I am 40 and him 47. We know each other for 3 year's. k


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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this but based on what you told me (since I'm a guy) he could possibly be cheating on you and trying to sort things with the other woman or man who knows people are different. I know people like that but don't always think he is In the wrong have a sit down with him and be open and honest how you feel communication is the key and both of you need to have an understanding of the situation and honestly he shouldn't make you wait if his love is strong he will always find a way. Keep it real

    Hope this helps


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  • i think he may have a lot on his plate he may need to sort out i would believe him because by the time frame he gaved u saying 2 weeks isn't as bad he could of said a year or month so ik he's not playing with your heart ik he has to care especially because he's not leading u on or else he would of said more then weeks like a month or year then i would question it i don't think u have anything to be worried about honestly he's not using u because if he was he would of left but he hasn't he sticking in it for a reason i don't think a guy his age would play games or lie to be honest he just sounds to mature for that so hun don't worry

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