Why can't I like anybody else?

So, I have liked this one guy for 6 months and he told me that he liked me too so I was happy for awhile until it was another 2 months and he never asked me out. I then realized that this was it and he probably was never going to ask me out. After that, I have been asked out on tons of dates from guys I thought were cute,funny, and intelligent but I can't understand why I don't like any of them! the only guy I like seems to be the same one. Its drives me crazy because I have tried my hardest not to like him anymore and nothing I do seems to work. l want to move on and like other people but it's just not happening and I don't want to force attraction. Also, the guy I like is a friend of mine whom I hang out with everyday when were in school and it would drive me nuts not being able to hang out with him because he is a good friend, so, I don't think avoiding him is the solution because I would miss him and my best friends too much and I don't feel like hanging with my other friends. I don't feel like I need a boyfriend but I feel like it's the only way to get this guy off my mind. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Why don't you ask HIM out? Mayhaps he's a shy-guy at heart, or doesn't have any great date ideas and wants it to be special. If you like him but don't want a relationship and still want to hang out, there's no easy way out. Your just going to have to bear through and not like him through sheer determination and iron will. Have you tried talking to him about it yet?

    • I haven't asked him why he hasen't asked me out because I don't want to seem needy. I know he's inexperienced so I except that it would take time. I haven't asked him to hang out yet because every time I send him a message, he reads it and only answers back every couple of days and it's hard to plan things out that way.He only responds if I haven't been on in a few days. I kind of feel like he's ignoring me.I asked him to kiss me once and he said yes but nothing happened and we just hung out.

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    • Worth going out with and there are plenty more guys out there that are. The only hard part is findin' them and for that I wish you good-luck!

    • Thank you.

      Update: I did send him a message, but it wasen't asking him out all I said was "hey, what's up?" and he didn't respond so, I don't even care. it's not like I'm going to stop liking him, but, at least I can say that I tried. He's being an absolute jerk for no reason. thank you for your answer though, it was good advice :)

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