How can I know if a guy is interested and wants to go out with me if he does not ask clearly?

Just had a break up 2 months ago and been out of the game for a while. So there is a guy I talk to as a friend who proposed me many times to visit his town. And recently he was travelling to famous country he asked me what I want as souvenir out no conversation. Well i dont really care about material stuff but could he be giving me a signal? I dont want to mess up the frienship by acting weird...


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  • Since you've had a recent break up, he might be treading lightly with you. Ask him for a special souvenir he can pick out for a special someone

    • Thanks! I did ask him somthing a little difficult to find lol! But I also made him confortable and offered to share the bill as a friend. He said no and that he was find buying it. Will see...

    • He sounds like a good guy that you might lose if you don't act quickly. Don't string him along. Tell him you're ready to date again and you want to date him. If you leave out the second half, he'll drop you asap

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