I want to date this dental hygienist girl but I don't have great teeth , could that be an issue?

I meet this girl who is going to school to be a dental hygienist and I like her and be interested in dating her but I don't really have great teeth and not sure if that's going to be an issue for someone who spends a lot of time looking at teeth. if she'd be type who'd want to do something to fix them or just find them as a turn off.

any thoughs? is this a potential issue


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  • First off, define your "not so great teeth"? Just out of place compared to the ideal? Missing a few? Not all that healthy, as in with cavities and the like?
    Well, if it's something rather small like a tooth slightly out of place, or just some small cavities, well... Minor things, I think not. Although something major may give out the impression you aren't so clean and neat to her, which could be slightly an issue. I don't think any girl expects potential partners to be perfect, although the butterflies in their stomach might compromise judgment.
    Nevertheless, there are chances she might find it a turn off, which would depend solely on her. However, be it a turn off or not, I would say that if you were to try and "fix" your teeth (at least keep it clean and hygienic), it wouldn't be a negative thing. Heck, she might even like that you made the effort to do something like that just for her. To be thoughtful in that manner.
    If she is really interested in that career path, then it's very likely she will notice them, but whether it matters all that much depends on this condition of yours and how much she cares.

    Can't say for sure, but it's something to think about at least. Nothing is for sure, but I hope things work out if you indeed decide to take the chance.

    • I've had some cavities and discoloration an issue , well meaning there not white. not missing any teeth. been to dentist a lot over the years

    • Also, don't get me wrong. I am not telling you that "you are ugly, go fix yourself" or anything like that. As queenjassi said before, personality is what counts. Your appearance may have some slight affect, but ultimately what will be your selling point and what truly matters is you yourself, not your teeth. Even if it is a bother to her, which probably wouldn't be, if she likes you she might overlook it and not care.

    • Oh, that doesn't sound so bad actually. It's quite normal, really. I see no problem in that, although she might still want to perfect them. But overall, I don't see that being an issue unless she is way too picky.

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  • no way that would be stupid!!! personality couts not that o. o

    • Personality is the most important. However, a good impression is always a good start. I mean, to put it into perspective, people tend to look favorably towards those that look neat and well kept, rather those that aren't. Like it or not, people are a bit superficial, and for good reason since bad habits usually reflect through acts and appearances.
      Don't get me wrong, personality is the most important and vital character of a person. But giving a good impression will help people to cross towards considering and learning about the person in question. If that makes any sense?

  • Well if they're yellow, whiten them. Floss and brush daily (you should be doing this anyway). Anything is against your control in fixing on your own.

  • You'd be her special little project. Go for it!


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  • Don't worry, she'll give you Novacane to numb the pain. Listen to Novacane by Frank Ocean, then you will know what to do.