How to get your crush to move on after one lie was told?

I am a complete mess. I have never been this stressed out over a situation before. I have been dating this one amazing guy for three months now. Everything seemed like a fairy tale. He's stable, he has amazing friends, a great family. He's good looking with one amazing personality. I never felt so lucky to have him in my life.

Well now that fairy tale has turned into a nightmare. So two months ago before I even started talking to my crush, my girlfriends and I ran into our old friend from highschool. We all got drinks with him and caught up. Well I guess my crush was told a lie from someone who doesn't even know him saying that me and that guy hooked up, after two months has gone by... I kept telling him thats a lie because one of my best friends slept over my house that night.

So its been a week since my crush told me about it, and we are still fighting because he doesn't believe me and he thinks I'm lying to him. He even wanted proof from the kid that me and him didn't sleep together, so I showed my crush the proof and he just nip picked it... again telling me I was lying.

I'm just so stressed out and sick of this whole situation. My crush keeps going in circles telling me to relax and forget about it and move on... then he's telling me he can't move on from it... and that we are never going to work. But when I ask him if we are over he avoids it and just tells me he wants to believe me and blah blah blah. But then spins around and doesn't.

He got fucked over a year ago by his ex girlfriend because all she ever did was lie to him. I told him to stop comparing me to her because I'm nothing like her. I honestly don't know what to do. I thought of everything I can do to prove to him I'm not lying to him, and it just doesn't work.

He texted me saying this is bothering him and I told him how i felt and that we should move on from it together, but I don't know. It just sucks because that one lie ruined our relationship, and I don't know what to do...


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  • You should tell him outright that you didn't, and that he can trust you. Otherwise you relationship is most likely doomed. The main part of a relationship is trust after all.


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  • I'd say give him some time (a couple day, a week) to calm down, and then try to talk to him again.

    • yeah... i just don't want to lose him over people spreading rumors.. I know he has trust issues but he can't be afraid to get hurt. Everyone gets hurt in their lives. You can't keep living afraid.

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