Did he just want space all along and I drove him away or was his interest gone from the start? Is it over?

I've heard about the whole men withdrawing thing and I think that's what happened. Except I did not know that was a thing before this. We dated a couple months and eventually had an incredible weekend together and then after that hung out with his friends. The last time I saw him was with his friends and he grew distant. He started to say he was busy with work and I said it is fine we'll take it easy for awhile and he said that it'd be best for the time being. Left him alone for 10 days and then texted him to check up on him. Gave it another week and texted him again at this point I was asking to hang out again and he would agree but then flake. I probably started becoming annoying just because I didn't understand why if he lost interest he didn't just say so. I kind of figured we weren't hanging out anyways so I texted him a lot either he'd end it or we'd finally hang out. Better than being confused. Eventually I bothered him enough and he asked to meet up and asked to be friends for now. The for now part is what got me and I said well if it's never going to happen why would you say it. And he said he didn't know if it would in a month from now or not. I asked why he wanted this and he said he's just not as excited as he thinks he should be. After we left I was too sad to just let him go so I asked if he could just give it one more shot but he said he liked me a lot at the beginning but it went away a bit and it didn't feel right for him at the moment. So now we don't talk anymore. But I'm just curious if all along he just wanted space and would've eventually come back if I hadn't texted him so much or if he lost interest because he had straight up told me that. All the "right now", "for the time being", "at this moment" is what confuses me. I think I messed it up enough that he'll probably never talk to me again haha, but is it possible he might? I'll know better the second time around. Didn't realize this whole men withdrawing to their man cave existed.


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  • I may be wrong but it sounds like he just wasn't interested in you once he had he didn't want you it's not your fault it's all his don't worry you tried he didn't you shouldn't feel bad it may be hard to believe but it seems he either didn't like you or he just didn't know how a relationship works I mean I know some men distance themselves but this sounds ridiculous


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