Guys, should I stop wearing shorts?

if my knees are fat. shall i post a pic? i am very self conscious about my legs. they are cute but knees are quite horrible. do you think they could make my legs look bad? do you usually notice such things?
ps: pls dont tell me to wear them if i am comfortable and that "who cares" thing because in reality guys will reject me if i look bad

imgur (.) com/a/xwnRT remove the pharantesis and make sure there is no space between words


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  • Yea I think we need to see a pic.

    • done. updated with pics.

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  • Not the first girl which is concerned about her knees. Still don't get how "good" and "bad" knees are supposed to look. Normal legs, wear dem skirtz.

  • I think you should tone your legs.
    You will be fine after that.

    • going to tone up my legs for the next summer. i can't get my legs toned until tomorrow when i will go to a conert

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    • I never said your legs look bad , i told you it looks normal.
      And i am not going to repeat my own lines again and again.
      Read them carefully , you will get to know i wrote nothing to offend you.

      Haha and don't worry about my confidence , its at quite perfect place.

      Ok leave.
      I am sorry if i really offended you.

    • fucked yourself already? :) i see how you've built your confidence. good luck!

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  • Keep wearing those shorts, nothing wrong with your knees :)

  • Post a pic

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