Crushing hard, please help?

Okay i love this girl. Problem is I'm not good enough. Look at my profile picture and tell me :/ This girl is flawless amazing in and out

But other guys are close with her and I feel invisible to her. She takes time to reply to me :/ please any advices


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  • Patience breaks a girl like nothing else. Don't be over bearing, don't "message" her. It's a waste of time and would result in you getting friendzoned. Trust me. Be gentle with her, Smile when you see her, Talk softly to her, Help her if you get a chance. Oh, Try to improve yourself. Work out, Learn to play something. Anything that impresses people is good. Also... Do not let the touch barrier remain. Break it. Touch her often, at the appropriate places of course. When you feel that you two have become familiar with each other, Ask her out. She WILL NOT refuse. Just be patient, that's the key. A flower takes a long time to grow :) But put in the right techniques and the proper care , and it will bloom like anything. Hope this helped :)

    • Thank you :3 will follow that advice

    • Suave !!! Very nice dude. Im sure you have no trouble with women :)

    • There would never be any trouble between men and women if they only played fair and communicated with each other properly. That's the key to all of it. But anyways, Thank You :)

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  • Dude, you don't charm a girl through your looks. You attract her through your personality. For as long as you dress up nicely and look hygienic (which you do), I guess all you have to focus on is to how to charm that girl.

    • I know I treat her different from other guys
      Plus I'm loyal not a flirt with every girl
      I hope so I can charm her

    • the first thing i notice on his pic is that he looks neat and i think it's a plus! i also agree to attract the girl through his personality. ^-^

    • Well she sends me that 'xx' things and yeah keeps the convo going sometimes

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  • No one seems to have pointed this out, but maybe you wanna see if she likes only white/ christian guys?
    I observe you are a muslim and live in Australia. If she has religious/racial preferences, anything you do might not help.

    • She is a Muslim as well :)

    • Thats good.. then follow all the tips that others mentioned. And dont come on as a very devout muslim. If she's modern, she might think you as orthodox

  • STFU, no girl is out of your league. None. If she's replying to you, there's a level of interest. Go ask her out.

  • dude it's not about looks at all, fuck that shit! you get a girl with your personality! treat her good, if she's still not interested then move on