Am I at wrong for feeling this way? he has so much baggage?

i've been dating this guy for 4 months. the first 2 and a half months were hell for me because his ex girlfriend kept bullying me and harassing all the time.
shed text me, call me, leave voicemails, message me on fb.. it got so bad that i had to block her on my phone and all social media.
he keeps her in his life because of her son. they dated for 4 years and she had a son with another man. my boyfriend basically raised her son since he was 4 months old. they all lived together and everything.. and when they broke up he moved out but wanted to try to keep her son in his life because he loves him.. its honestly a complicated situation.
his ex girlfriend would use her son to get attention from him.. she even went as far as to say she was 12 weeks pregnant (we were together for 11 weeks at this time) and if he didn't get rid of me she would abort it... she ended up aborting it anyways 2 days later.
im so mentally drained from the of this that i wanted to just end things. he conviced me to stay saying things would be different. and they have been. things have been great honestly. he cut his ex off and the only time they speak is because of her son now.. we see eachother all the time, our relationship is getting better and im falling for him now.
but now something happened.. his ex called him yesterday saying that her four year old son has a hole in his heart and is going to have surgery.
i feel extremely bad.. no child should have to go through that. but at the same time i sat there and thought.. here we go again. he's once again going to be there for her and her son. she's going to use her son to get attention from him once again. he even admitted that he was going to be there just for her son and thats it.. but at the same time i fear that this situation will bring them back together.
i know im being selfish now.. and he expects me to stay and support him through all this.. but right now im scared and just want to run.


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  • He may have a lot buttttt, is it "too much". You should go on the game show "Baggage", that is, if it was still on


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  • All you can do is be patient... Stick around for a few weeks and see how it goes...
    You should never have to stay in a position that emotionally makes you ill because it is so exhausting.
    It sounds like this man really wants you to stay with him - & he also seem quite compassionate.
    As long as you both communicate - It will all fall into place.

    Pray for healing, as will I.

    I wish you the best. Time reveals great things.

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