Bf of 2 years forgot my birthday?

My birthday is coming up and apparently my bf forgot it. We were with a group of friends when someone invited him to go fishing my birthday weekend and he agreed to go. I'm a bit sad he forgot that it's going to be my bday. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make a scene. It just made me sad :(

Do you think this is something I should bring to his attention or just let it go? What would you do?


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  • I mean... Yeah you should probably say it's an important date for you. But guys are notoriously bad at keeping dates. Some of us just have so much on our mind that dates don't matter.

    I don't even know my parents birthdays, as bad as that sounds, or any of my siblings besides the one that I grew up with besides my closest sister.

    That being said, 10 years ago, a girl I had a crush on told me her birthday and I've never forgotten it, I haven't seen her in 9 years but for some reason I still remember... April 30th.

    Give him a break if he's a good guy.


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  • Sometimes when you don't have a actual calendar in front of you - you lose track of days or don't realize any conflicts of schedule until it comes around that time...

    I think you should bring it up to him. Just be like "Babe you know that day you and ___ are going fishing, I kind of wanted to do something special for my birthday."

    That in itself will make him feel bad as it is...

    We are all human. We make mistakes. I am sure he will be apologetic. :)

    & Happy early birthday!


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  • I know that my gf's birthday is 10 03, and a friend of mind's is 01 08, and my siblings' is 06 12, and another friend is 09 16...

    But I usually don't notice it's THAT particular day. I know when it is, but I just cannot keep track of the current date, lol. Only reason why I realize is because Facebook or Skype tells me. But I don't check my Facebook every day. Dates are complicated.


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