Girls give me numbers out of 10?

i want to knw what a girl think when she looks at me for the first time


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  • Hmm, well its kind of hard to see your pic so I don't know what to rate you as. You shouldn't worry about looks, a lot of girls love a great personality!! Looks are not permanent, but your personality is:)! Everyone is attractive in their own unique way!


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  • Why would you want somebody to rank you? Love yourself for who you are and people will love you:) You need to increase your self-esteem.

    • i love myself, i do every thing which gives me happiness but jst want to knw about girls view,, curiosity nothing else...

  • Id give you 1 ;) lol
    serious answer... can't see your pic :-D

    • check my profile pic

    • I did but its not very clear... :)
      It doesn't really matter anyway cos beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what appeals to some won't appeal to others...

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