Should I break up with my best friend who is the father of my child? I can't figure out what is best?

Honestly, I am asking here cus I want opinions since I have few friends anyway. Weve been together 3 months, known each other for 5 years and I love him. As he supposedly loves me. I love him for many things, with specifically his personality. He's funny and caring. I'm pregnant with his child. And since I've been pregnant. Thjngs have gone downhill. He wants me to diet because I don't believe he's very happy with my weight. Although I'm gonna get real fat being pregnant and It's unhealthy to diet while pregnant. He knows I have self esteem issues and this isn't helpful. We've talked about cheating and I said I never could as did he but he's worried I would cheat on him. He also said if we'd ever break up, he'd go fuck some girls but It wouldn't be the same cus there'd be no emotion. I don't doubt this. I don't hang out with his friends cus they are bad influences and he doesn't like that. He still talks to his ex. But just as a friend yet it worries me. I am sick of all this extra stress that he's putting on me. But I love him still. I'm just so terribly conflicted and hurt. We are 19 years old. We are putting the baby up for adoption by the way, which he isn't too fond of. Honestly I'd rather die than lose him.. He's my best friend.. But this is so painful and I don't addres this things with him cus I'm worried I'll seem paranoid and nit picky, you know?

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  • maybe he's mad about the adoption and he's saying things to make you not? i don't know him or you so (: