Have you ever personally given off mixed signals? If so, why?

What was/were the reason (s) that you gave mixed signals to the girl/guy in question?


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  • Once... mind you i was quite young - but basically i admitted that i was developing feelings for a guy quite publically - then when he started to return those feelings i ran. I genuinely got scared I think - not of him but, i was just not ready for any sort of relationship.

    • How young?

    • 13 I think - oh and also did the same thing when I was 15, except I didn't declare my feelings publically, I just had a crush on the guy. Not a good thing to do though and I wish I had handled it better.

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  • I have once or twice. At first I actually felt like I was really into them, but as weeks went on, I lost interest, and to be honest, I don't even know why. I later felt super awkward around them because I knew they were now into me. Its kinda difficult when that happens.


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