Why would he bring her up? and when we went out was it a date or a hang out?

Awhile back I told my guy friend I liked him after he kept flirting. He said he was not ready for a relationship but I got tired of him only trying to have me as friends with benefits. So I lied and said I don't like him no more.

He met this girl at the grocery store and he said he asked her out over Facebook and she added him. Last month he asked me to the movies and I said yes but when that day came he never took.

Today he asked me again and I said yes and he took me to eat and to the movies, but he mentioned her saying she has a kid and he wanted to ask for her number but not over fb and he can't do it at her job. I told him to just ask for it.

After he said that we went to the movies and he held my hand and what not but since he mentioned her I figured it was not a date so I brought up my ex.

He also told me all his ex's found the love of their lives after breaking up with him and he also let me look through his vacation pics on his phone and he let me hold it for a long time and said I could look up the times of the movie on it


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  • i love the way you are haha bring ur ex to piss him off he deserved it for being a douche toward you how is he so blind not to notice ur feelings for him and he just brushes your feelings off like there nothing wow he sounds like a loser I don't know why he would treat you like that and then expect you to want to have anything to do with him i feel like ur one of those girls who have self respect you just don't hook up with random guys and u thought he was something special and he turns out to be a loser for not even putting in ur feelings into consideration i would move on and ignore him cause he should have more respect for you weather you use to be friends with benefits but now friends or just as associates he should still respect you enough not to treat u like that

    • I was honest. I saw the new camaro and said it was nice and when I told him my ex has one he was saying how its not a good car and not worth having and that it makes a lot of noise but don't even take off. I think he got jealous lol

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    • i think he was genuinely being a gentleman respecting u and your boundaries he sounds like he cares a lot about u and u being comfortable he's not gonna do anything to make u feel uncomfortable he was just trying to hold u and make u feel loved

    • Okay lol and is it possible he mentioned that girl because hours before we hung out I mentioned this guy who likes me and I didn't think he minded since he wanted to be friends in the past and I didn't think he was gonna ask me out either. I didn't snap to it until my friend said he MIGHT of tried to get me jealous. A part of me hopes so but he could of said the truth about her because before he brought her up he said that every girl who leaves him finds the love of their lives and I don't know why he told me that because that girl has a baby and she seems close to her baby daddy like they still "talk" but I don't know if they do and the gut I like just met her 3 months ago so I don't know why he brought up about his ex's