Prom on the same day?

My boyfriend goes to a different school 30 miles away and we just found out we have prom on the same day. I really wanna go to mine because it's my Junior prom and I'm going to be doing a lotta work on it but it's his senior prom so I don't want him go miss that... but I don't wanna go to my prom without him because I don't wanna be that lonely girl in the corner not having any fun. No one from my school would ask me because I'm with him.


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  • Since its his senior i think its much better to go to his and so all his friends can see you.

    • Well I know all his friends & honestly I think a lot of them are dicks

  • Kind of have to ask yourself now why you're dating a guy from another school

    • Because all the guys from my school are idiots and it's the closest town outside of where I live

    • So now you have to ask yourself... is it even worth dating at all?

    • These are rhetorical questions btw, I don't need an answer I'm just giving you things to think about... could care less about your answers

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