What's a guy's opinion on a long distance relationship?

I'm in a relationship with a guy who is quite a distance away. He says the distance thing kinda sucks but it's fine. I don't know if he's lying to me just to make me feel better or he's seriously fine about it all. :( I just don't know.

  • He's lying.
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  • He's seriously fine with it.
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  • Ask him about it and keep waiting until he tells you the truth.
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  • Don't ask if he's fine about it - prompt him with questions about how it makes him feel and why he feels that way. Try not to suggest that he's lying - just give him the opportunity to explain his feelings without the only answers being "I'm okay with this" and the harsh "I'm not okay with this".


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  • I think he lying because he wants to be there with you.

  • There's no way you can tell really. I was in a long distance relationship before my partner moved and came to live with me and I was actually fine with it. Some guys might not be though.


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