Would you date another user of this website?

If another member of this website would ask you out on a date, would you go? Let's say he/she's going to this big dinner party and needs a date. And thought of you as a quick possibility as you live in his/her proximity.


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  • This is a good question regarding not just this site but many other online sites and here's why:

    The internet person/dater used to have the stigma of being "dorks or losers. " Although that may be true when the computer was very difficult and not user friendly years ago, It's become easier to use and accessed by many variety of users ignorant and educated.

    Having said that, people are starting to open up to online dating and removing that negative stigma that used to be associated with it.

    I have heard many stories of people in relationships and marriages thanks to myspace and even craigslist (yes. Even craigslist has normal people on there).

    So would I personally date or go have a drink with someone from here? Sure I would, you can tell a lot about a person's profile and by the way he/she expresses oneself. I wouldn't say better then the real world but different.

    As some people are better in the studio and others are better live.

    • MySpace sucks. Try eHarmony! That's where I've met mine, and no, I wouldn't date someone from here. Flirt, yeah.

    • Myspace, eHarmony and other online sites where you meet people are all the same. I've made friends with people on car forums and other narrowed agenda/inter sites as well. It's all the same generally speaking although some may have more idiots then others

    • Bah, AdultSheepFinder is the place to be...:) Google it.

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  • OK, here I go again. Mr. Online dating! Before I say any more, I've already met the love of my life on Yahoo, two years ago. That having been said, sure why not? There are a lot of very nice people on this site, so why say you wouldn't date anyone? Its no different as far as population. In fact, the communication is way better than a lot of online sites I've seen. Its not really structured as a dating site, but you could if you wanted. Just email that person's profile, and go from there.

  • Some of us poor men are quite cursed by God by making us "not her type". This means that if one woman feels a particular man isn't her type, most women(say 99. 2%) would feel the same way. That's the bad news. The good news is that there is the internet. But with all the spammers and liars out there, internet dating is becoming more of a disaster than ever. But if I had more connection with her, I would take the risk; with no expectations. The last successful date I had was hired. Oops, that doesn't count :D

  • I would give it a shot, why not. There are a lot of wise and intelligent ladies on this site. I'd probably wait for them to open a dialog with me though. People suffer the mistakes of others, and as qwertydoosoe pointed out a lot of guys that use Internet sites are doing it for the wrong reasons.

  • Personally, I would not but my reason is based on the fact that I've never dated anyone from the Internet so it isn't my forte.

  • No


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  • 7/10 women who meet up with someone online get raped. With that being said, no.

    • WTF? Do you have any source for that claim? Match. Com has monthly traffic at about 5 million, split it in half and then take 70%. That yields about 1. 7 million girls being raped. From one site, last month. No way.

    • Don't jump on my ass like that. If you don't like my answer, just ignore it. And I didn't mean just raped; I meant like abused in any way.