Is he ever going to date me? Should I still go for him?

I liked this one boy for around 9 months. We talk everyday on msn, he always talks first and says hey or yo. We have long conversations and when one of us leaves we usually text but he's not the texting type. I see him at school all the time and I say hey or give him hugs. So we went to see a movie together with some buddies his friend and mine he went to sit with me but his friend did so in the middle of the movie we all left and me and him got to talk some more, I left with just a goodbye. So a like three months later I told him i like him and his response was "aw id have to know you more to like you" after we didn't really talk so I talked first and said you know how I told you I liked you he said yeah I responded with "i only said that cause I was interested in you so don't be freaked out or anything" he responded with I'm not :) then we started talking like we did before, now is he ever going to date me? If it will. Take time should I still go for him?


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  • Give him some time. Get to know him better and see how that goes. If he makes the effort to talk to you and get to know you then it sounds like he's interested. But if he doesn't and you're the one starting the conversations with him majority of the time then he's more than likely just being nice to you because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

  • Just keep talking to him, but don't always talk to him first, and maybe be a little mysterious don't give him all he wants. He's gotta chase ya a little ;)

    Since he's always initiating the conversations on msn he's gotta be interested, or just goooooood friends. but sounds like he's interested? Give it another month, then ask him again.

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