I'm confused about my own emotions towards a relationship with this guy I'm dating - can someone clear my head?

I have been dating this guy for 3-4 months and it has been good. He has his flaws and I have mine but not something you can't work on.

We have a lot in common and he can't be more perfect. But somehow I feel confused about my emotions. He asked my a couple of weeks back whether we should take the next step and be in a relationship and I just said yes., but I'm not sure whether i took a easy and quick decision rather than listening to myself.

Do I want a relationship? Yeeeees! But - I just can't deal with all the relationship drama/stuff and being all loving. In a relationship I tend to be the fun, outgoing type of girl but i'm not romantic, loving, caring etc and i hate the fact that my happiness would depend on someone else.

I'm really confused, should I give him (and myself) a chance and let time tell or should I iust cut it off and not give it a chance?


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  • I think i can understand what ur trying to say.. well to a relationship there isn't only love, u have to consider everything about the both of you.. ur lifestyles, ur work, ur studies, ur families, are u really compatible? I've been seing this guy lately and he's nicest i've ever met, we're not officially together, we haven't had intimate physical contact, but we somehow act like gf bf like calling each other when we're down or sharing our sad stories but also the happy ones, we've ate out many times and yesterday he sent me a vid of him caressing his cat which was exaggeratingly sweet to the extent i thought he might be telling me something.. sadly i think everything about us is incompatible (dont ask why) that's why i haven't put much effort into taking it to the next level, but i guess he might be thinkin about that.. but i'm sooo in love with him, i would also say yes if he asked me, just like u did.. but i talked to my friend and i'm gonna back off a bit and create more space between us so i know whether i really wanna be with him or not, maybe u shouldn't back off a bit, but when ur alone, just think about ur relationship, not him, the relationship, is it going somewhere? Is there a specific thing ur expecting that u can talk to him about it? Are u compatible? Is there anything u wanna get out of the relationship or is it just u wanting to have him by ur side just for the sake of it? A relationship is a commitment, u can't take it easily, u have to know what u want and what u can give and if it's going anywhere..

    • We we have a looot in commen. Our work, our families, our values, our way of thinking - like everything is in the right place. No physical until we get married.. But I think the only thing that might be a problem is that we might not be compatible emotionally - but how can I know that THAT's the problem?

    • I see what u mean :)) go for it! If he asked u to take it to the next level as a guy of values then he means it, and he loves u the way you are and he's willing to accept ur emotions un whatever shape they come, ur lucky to have found him..

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  • go ahead see if things worked out fine if not drop , but call full be brave enough to face the pain both of u ,
    and be practical more ever. just move on,,


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  • take a chance or you will never know :)

    • But what do I do with my doubt?

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    • In what way?

    • i mean like you think this relationship won't will work or just you have a bad feeling from him?

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