How would a girl generally respond to being asked on a date?

I tend to have lots of female friends (I'm male), and I think in the early stages of some of my friendships it could've been a good idea to ask them on a date.

When I meet a girl in the future that I like, I'm thinking of asking her on a date sooner rather than later. Of course only if I think we like each other, but I was thinking before we become friends or have known each other long.

I'm short, small build, and average looking (all I'm ok with- but I'm no Tom Cruise). The point I'm getting at, is at the least I'm not weird or creepy looking which is a bonus :)

Would it be weird to ask a girl out after only knowing them a short time? (I'm from NZ if anyone knows much about NZ males/females).

Any advice on how to ask them out, or where to take them would be cool too :)

Just to clarify, I am a confident person. But I haven't gone out with many girls, so less confident in that areas. So I wanted to bite the bullet and see where things go sometime soon if it's appropriate :)


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  • Go ahead and shoot the question. Enjoy.