Is she lying? Somebody help?

Hey so I messaged this girl I used to go to school with & I sent her a starring face this is on Fb messenger & so she sent me a happy dog lol anyways so I asked her how you been & she ignored me 😑 so then the next day I was like I got nothin to loose if I don't message her again I loose if I do message her again I could win & if it fails I'll never see her again anyway lol so the next day I messaged her again after she ignored me it said read lol so I sent hey do you wanna hang out this weekend & she said she's gonna b out of town this weekend I'm not buyin it 😑 lol what do y'all think, I'm trying to b optimistic, but I want the truth, so then I told her what about when u get back & she said "lol yea sure :)" sounds good to me & she put the smiley face if she really didn't wanna hang out she could've ignored me again right? My question is can she possibly like me? Or actually wanna hang out, or is she just lying so I can leave her alone wich doesn't really make since like I said she could've just ignored me again, somebody help lol I don't wanna get my hopes up about hanging out with her if she's just lying about it


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  • Lying is such a negative word. She probably does have plans. But the full court press is enough to scare any girl away. You exchanged a couple messages, I wouldn't get my hopes up so much anyways. It isn't that big of a deal. Just wait for a few days without any communication, and casually ask her if she want to go to a movie or something.

    • Thanks & it is a big deal lol sorry I forgot to mention I like this girl a lot 👀 I've never felt this way about a girl actually not to this degree

    • Oh ok. Well, then manage your expectations and take a deep breath. Slow and steady wins the race. Just be charming and play it cool

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