No show. No msg. No call?

I was suppose to catch up with this guy today. We talked on the phone yesterday and we both agreed that we can chill for a bit before he goes and watches soccer with his mates. We both said cool. He said just message me or ring me and i'll come and see you. (soccer starts at 11pm) so i get there at 9:48, called him at 10pm (made sure i looked ok).. No answer.. So i waited a bit more... Messaged him.. No reply.. Then did one last call and no answer. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to go see him. And you know what's funny, his the one saying, see me more, blah blah blah.. I don't know what to do or say :'( so i just drove back home


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  • Girl I was in the same situation three times with the same guy. He asked me out I got ready and shit and he suddenly doesn't reply etc etc. you know he disappeared. Anyways he asked med out again a few months after and I don't know why but I said yes. He did the same thing again.., and as stupid as I am I accepted his third invitation too and same thing happened. Man did I feel stupid! My advise to you is don't repeat this three times seriously if he calls back and explains what happened listen. Maybe accept his second invitation if he asks you out, but don't be the one who drives 45 min to see him. Let him do the work this time. You did it last time and he bailed.

    • Give him a second chance but make him come down to meet me down my end.

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    • Do that, but no third! Don't be as stupid as I was seriously you will regret it.

    • Sure thing cheekkky, thank you

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  • what a dick. he was obviously keeping u around as a backup option. but u drove 45 minutes just to see a guy? are u desperate? he could probably sense ur desperation and therefore placed an extremely low value/interest level on you.

    • No i'm not. It's easier for me to go down there instead of him coming here, because i'm still with my parents and his not. We've talked for months, and his mentioned that "the only way we can move forward is if you come out and be with me more" so the day we both agree he does that

    • what about guys in your local area? what makes him stand out over them?

    • I have no idea, i probably have so much guys my end but stupidly enough he came to me and he just so happens to be all the way on the city area

  • please forget him. he isn't sincere and his interest level is not strong enough. there are many guys who can sweet talk

    • I feel so upset. I got ready and, put more petrol in the car and drove 45 minutes away from home. I bet you any money Kangy that his going to try to make something up and smooth talk me

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    • you can do it!

    • Thanks kangy, i hope i can too </3