I don't know how to start a relationship - help?

I am a girl who has had crushes on guys, and guys have had crushes on me; which is pretty normal for most teenagers... Only I can't seem to go beyond being friends with guys. For instance, this boy and I got to know each other and i thought he was just perfect : good looks, really sweet, doesn't take women for granted, kind hearted, romantic, affectionate, yet manly all at once! We both knew we liked each other ( I don't know how to explain it but it's just something you know ) -- it really was an amazing feeling... Then one day he came up to me and asked me to hug him - and I froze. Normally this would have been the perfect opportunity to start something big and amazing, but I hesitated and made it awkward.. Eventually I started distancing myself, even though I still really liked him. I don't know what was going through my mind.. I was even convincing a friend of mine to go out with him. And she did, they are still happily together. It makes no sense, because I really would like to have a boyfriend, but I can't seem to openly have a relationship. I need help... Thanks! :)


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  • you gave up on your guy
    you want help starting a relationship when really you just have to accept the love, if you had hugged him that would have been the start of somthing but you froze... you will grow out of this shiness but next time dont distance your self, you froze so what it happens get back out there :)

    • Hey, Thanks a lot, I really do hope I'll grow out of it. I've had 2 relationships, and I just wasn't affectionate enough, kind of ruined everything.

    • i was shy when i started dating but somthing that really helped me talk to girls was going to the gym and talking to staff and other members, because i got use to talking to strangers so maybe try joining some sort of club and talk to random people

    • oh, I am a pretty outgoing person, I don't mind talking to strangers. It's just when I like a guy and that I know he likes and wants me to be super affectionate. I'm not really good at the relationship type of stuff, thats my problem and I'm trying to overcome it :) But thanks a lot for your advice :)

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