Which gender is more likely to send mixed signals?

You know how girls are usually the ones "friendzoning" guys and not as much the other way around?

What about mixed signals? Is a person of one gender more likely to send mixed signals than another?


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  • I think girls tend to do this a lot more than guys. Most girls are "too nice" and guys get the wrong impression. The issue with guys is they tend to "assume" that a girl is interested due to her being too nice, or giving them too much attention, just by being friendly, but I definitely think girls have the upper hand on the whole mixed signal thing. They can manipulate guys easily just to get what they want. Girls really do rule the guy world if you think about it.

    • :(


    • The thing is we WANT you to like us and therefore become biased in our analysis of whether you do or not. If we didn't care and were objective, we would probably say, "Yeah, she was just being nice/friendly."

      But that isn't the case.

    • Very true! That applies for girls as well though. I guess it depends on the person, cause we can't really generalize. But I do think girls have more of a tendency to give mixed signals! Thats what makes you analyze the situation, when you're not 100% sure of it cause of the signals you get from us!

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  • I am female but I have to confess to doing this myself even though it isn't intentional. Therefore, I would say females are more likely to send mixed signals. Sorry girls!

  • Females... ahah. It's pretty obvious :P


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