Ladies, if you do not offer alternative plans or suggest another meet up, are you saying "I am not interested"?

Had a solid first date with this girl. The following day, we start texting back and forth a little. While I'm out that night, my friend tells me I should go sailing with him Saturday. It feels a little aggressive seeing we've only been on one date, but I shoot her a text asking her if she wants to come with anyways. She doesn't respond until 15 hours later thanking me for the invite but that she already has plans and telling me to "Have fun!" Normally I feel when a girl is interested the response would be something along the lines of, "I can't cause I already have plans, but let's definitely hang soon!" Is this a "move on" situation? Or a "keep trying" situation?

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  • Ask her out again in a few days to a week. Something similar to what your first date was. If she declines that one too, id move on.


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