Should I give my bf some space after a bit of friction?

Hello I would please appreciate some advice.
Something extremely strange occurred yesterday evening. I and my BF went on a double date with his brother and cousin, on Sunday, at the movies. And during our date it was a bit awkward, as we weren’t alone. Not to mention that on our way back home as his brother was dropping me back home, my boyfriend began attempting to anger me, by touching my boob and making commentary about how “Hard they were” and how I was now a woman and so on. I was exhausted and that was really the last thing on my mind, we kissed twice a little bit awkwardly before I left the car, and I think he knew he had angered me a bit. Since Sunday, we haven’t really spoken, as he does not have a phone so the only way we communicate was on Facebook, I did not want to bother him, and so I did not say anything until Thursday evening when I sent him an emotion that is smiling. He then sent me the same emotions twice but we did not say anything to one another. So yesterday evening I was on Facebook just browsing as I could not go to bed that is when suddenly my boyfriend sent me a message asking me how was my day and I was quite glad, as that gave me hope that he still liked me. What I did not know was that he had left his Facebook opened on his brother’s phone and his brother was impersonating him and chatting with all his friends including me, and it was just awkward as he called me baby and all that. I then told his brother that he had gotten me with the prank and he apologized and signed off. I guess my BF read all the chat and he still hasn’t said anything to me. I would please appreciate some advice should I ask him if he would like to go on a park date on Monday. Should I wait? We began dating on April 30th of this year, and since ever he has introduced me to all his family and we have been on multiple dates including movies, the park, amusement park, and many other dates. We are both 17 going on 18.


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  • I would confront me him about his brother doing this.

    Then assure him that you are no longer angry with him and go on that park date.

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