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Met a guy I really liked who was intensely chasing me, but since he was a busy man he cancelled some plans which in a smitten state made me question his interest. I ended up confronting him and he said I should not overthink things.
He then became more distant which only made me overthink more and I ended up being a nag about it every time I was drinking.

We stopped talking for a bit but a couple og days ago we chatted briefly and he told me that it "hasnt worked out due to my overthinking".

I respect what he's saying but is it over at this point, or is there anything I can say or do to make him reconcider dating me?

This weekend I was visiting a friend in his town (he lives two hours away) and he knew I was going. But my phone has not been working all weekend so I didn't get to talk to him, when I got back home he had sent me 9(!) texts.


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  • Apologize for nagging and try to get him back if you want to. Its probably the only way and if you think its worth it I would just do it

  • It's dead and buried.

    You'll just have to move on.


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