How do I make my man feel wanted?

So my bf says he does not feel wanted. I am not a fan of public displays of affection but he feels I'm ashamed of him somehow. He would like be to grab his butt once in a while but thats not who I am. Pls help


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  • If your not such an affectionate person then tell him how you feel about him, how you love him soo much, and that sort of stuff, and maybe if your not comfortable in public then try when its just you two to kiss more and touch is very important. Keep the bond hope he feels better :)

    • Thank u for the advice, I'll try that.

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  • This is pretty common really. It's not fashionable today for women to show any appreciation for men. If you want to though, just tell him how much he means to you and why. Get over your fear of PDA and show a little affection in public for the poor guy.

    • He feels appreciated jst not wanted. Cos I asked him. It's like he feels I'm not that attracted to him.

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    • I think you're a little foolish to dismiss it as him overreacting. It's obviously a problem for him and you are inexperienced so you would be wise to consider that part of the problem might be you.

    • Thanks for advice. I'll do some introspection.

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